Take your tech career to a new destination. Portugal wants you!

Apply for the TOP (Tech Opportunities in Portugal) Program before June 30, 2019. The 30 best candidates will get sponsored visas and land a job in Portugal.


We'll take the risk!

Lisbon and Porto are rapidly growing tech hubs. However, many companies are still worried about the risk of sponsoring visas and hiring international candidates.
Here at Landing.jobs, we see this as an opportunity and we want to contribute further to our local tech community. With the TOP (Tech Opportunities in Portugal) Program, we will sponsor 30 Tech Visas and connect candidates with a new job here in Portugal.

About Landing.jobs

Landing.jobs is a tech jobs marketplace dedicated to matchmake tech professionals with the right jobs all around Europe.

Based in Portugal and operating also in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, we believe that individuals must have ownership of their professional careers. Landing.jobs helped change the lives of 1000+ people from all over the world and we don't plan to stop anytime soon.

So how does it work?

1. Apply

Apply now. Choose one of the categories where you best fit as a top tech talent. You're in once you pass a basic skills assessment.

2. Get Access

Pay a one-time 25 USD fee to cover your participation costs. It will also give you access to two exclusive webinars, a Portugal guidebook, and help from the Landing.jobs team.

3. Qualify

Take an advanced skill assessment and have your profile reviewed by our team. Then you will be interviewed by our technical experts.

4. Fly!

The selected candidates will receive a job proposal from Landing.jobs and begin the visa process. Next, we will place you in the right company within our community!

Important Notes:
(1) If you pass the first step, you will need to pay a one-time processing fee of 25 USD before continuing the process
(2) Webinars to get to know Portugal, the benefits of living here, and what to expect
(3) Make sure to fill in your Landing.jobs profile as thoroughly as possible so we can get to know you

Not Convinced?

“I had two offers from different countries, and I chose Portugal because it is easier to adapt - language, food, climate, etc. I hope to have much better quality of life than what I'm used to here in Curitiba.”

- Felipe Zanon do Nascimento
Full-stack Web Developer

"I had an opportunity to come to Portugal, and was the best choice I have had because Portugal is amazing and is a big step for entering in the European market!
Was very easy to adapt because have a lot of Brazilians here and the culture is not very different! So, if you have a chance to come, don't waste, just do it!"

- Júlio Locatelli Piva
Front-end Developer @ Present Technologies

“Thanks to Landing.jobs for the excellent work done in the area of recruitment and selection. The follow-up given from end to end in the process, not only in the first interview, but in all that is necessary until the professional’s complete replacement and always with the same attention and interest was FANTASTIC. Landing in Porto, Portugal!”

- Marcel Ghisi
Senior Java Developer @ JUMIA

Companies in our Community

Job Categories

All positions require:
Computer Science Bs/MSc, Computer Engineering or similar.At least 3 years of relevant professional experience Fluency in English.
For each specific position, you should also have:

Back-end Developer

Strong knowledge of (one of the following): Java, Scala, Kotlin, PHP, Ruby or PythonExperience working with: MySQL or similar relational DatabasesProven experience developing REST APIs and developing message queue/broker servicesClearly exhibited analytical, logical and decision-making capabilities

Front-end Developer

Knowledge and practical experience with: Javascript, React/Redux (or modern equivalent), Angular, HTML/CSSA good understanding of UX/UI and how to build amazing web and mobile experiencesUnderstand how to optimise the performance of the front-end when you have large volumes of data

DevOps Engineer

Experience with: Linux or Windows Infrastructures, CI/CD and AutomationStrong knowledge of (at least 2): Concourse, Bitbucket Pipelines, Jenkins, Docker, KubernetesExperience with: Puppet, Ansible, CloudFormation, Terraform, ChefFamiliarity with: AWS, GCP or Azure.

Tips to make sure you have a great application:
(1) Have an updated CV in English on your Landing.jobs profile
(2) Make sure your profile is up to date and has all the relevant information about you
(3) Don’t forget to include a short motivation letter

Frequently Asked Questions

> What is the TOP Program?

The TOP Program: Tech Opportunities in Portugal Program, is an initiative created by Landing.jobs to allow non-EU tech professionals to pursue a career in Portugal.

With the growth of the tech scene in Portugal, both from local and international companies, the demand for qualified professionals is hitting record values and the amount of interesting projects is also skyrocketing. At the same time, with Portugal being a smaller country, the local workforce isn’t enough to fulfil all of the market needs.

Aware of this demand, the Portuguese government has been working to create simpler ways to allow entry of non-EU professionals into the Portuguese job market. However, despite the process becoming easier, Portuguese companies are still skeptical about hiring abroad out of fear regarding the duration of the process and the skill level of the candidates.

We see this as an opportunity. With our experience of more than 4 years in the Portuguese market, Landing.jobs has decided to take action with creating the TOP Program.

In an effort to give back to our local tech community as well as changing more lives for the better, our goal is to take the risk of hiring international tech talent by first getting the visas and then placing them in companies within our community - thus, guaranteeing a job.

> How does the TOP Program work?
1. Apply through the TOP program website in one of the three available job categories: Front-end, Back-end or DevOps. You will need to complete your application on the Landing.jobs platform. If you do not have a profile, please sign up!
2. Basic qualification test (5-10 minutes, multiple choice).

NOTE: The candidates that successfully pass the initial validation will be invited to join the main recruitment process. All candidates who decide to move forward will pay a $25 USD participation fee that will give them access to join 2 exclusive webinars (see below), direct support and guidance from our talent team whenever needed, receive a guide for living and working in Portugal and a skills certificate.

3. Informative webinar about Portugal, lifestyle, socio-economic panorama, local tech jobs market.
4. Training webinar about recruitment processes in Portugal, how to prepare for interviews, what traits are valued the most, behaviours to avoid, etc.
5. Online Technical Test (1h to 2h with coding exercises).
6. Evaluation of test results, CV and profile by the Landing.jobs’ Talent Team.

7. Technical interview by Landing.jobs (focus on the technical skills of the candidates).
8. Final interview with Landing.jobs (focused on getting to know the candidates, motivation, soft-skills).

9. Formal job offer by Landing.jobs, contract and initiation of the visa process.
10. Matching with Landing.jobs partner companies and choice of future employer.
11. Arrival to Portugal and start of a new life with a new job!

> What’s the official calendar for the TOP program?

Application Period: May 20th - June 30th
Phases of evaluation: May 20th - August 2nd
Visa processes: July to September
Arrival in Portugal: September to December (depending on the visa process for each candidate and the starting dates agreed with each candidate/company)

The evaluation of candidates will happen continuously starting from the beginning of the candidate’s application until roughly one month after the close of the registration period.

> How do I apply?

To register for the TOP Program you need to apply though the official website in one of the three available job categories.

> Can I apply to multiple categories?

You can. However, please note if you qualify, you will have to pay a fee for each one of the processes you choose to pursue.

> Do I need to pay to join the TOP Program?

The initial application and skill assessment is free and open to anyone interested. The candidates that succeed on the initial qualification process will have to pay a 25 USD fee to continue in the process any further.

After payment, all the candidates who join the initiative will have access to:

Informative webinar about Portugal, lifestyle, socio-economic panorama, and the local tech jobs market.
Training webinar about recruitment processes in Portugal, how to prepare for interviews, what traits are valued the most, behaviours to avoid, etc.
Skills certificate after completing the technical assessment

> Are there any other costs involved?

The 25 USD fee is the only cost you will have by participating in the program. However, if selected you will be responsible for your travel and relocation expenses.

> When do I talk with the companies?

Not until the last phase after you have received the visa. We will hire you, perform the interviews (both technical and final), and handle your visa.

> How are candidates going to be selected?

The TOP Program will flow like a recruitment process. After each stage, the candidates with the best test and interview results will be selected to move forward to the next phase.

> What’s the final goal of the TOP Program?

In the end of the TOP program 30 candidates will receive a formal job offer from Landing.jobs, guarantee of a working visa, and full support from our team in the process.

> What is the content of the skill tests?

The initial qualification tests will last for 10-15 minutes and assess general knowledge about each one of the areas you’re applying for.
The second round of tests will be more extensive and include coding challenges to better evaluate your abilities.

> Which companies will hire the 30 selected candidates?

The companies who will hire the 30 final candidates are Landing.jobs partner companies. At the end of the process, according to your profile and skills, we will select the most suitable options for each candidate.

> What if I’m not interested in the job position that is offered to me?

We guarantee the placement of every selected candidate. To make sure the best fit possible happens, each selected candidate will have two possible offers in the end, from two different types of companies:

Offer from companies that exist for more than 10 years and have tech teams of 50+ people
Offer from a younger company (founded less than 5 years ago) with tech teams of at least 20 people

The positions offered will match the skills and motivation of each candidate and we strongly believe that motivation for the selected offers will not be an issue.

> How long after knowing the results of the TOP Program should I relocate to Portugal?

The exact time frame for the entire process will depend on the duration of the visa processes for each individual. Our hope is to have the winners relocating to Portugal before the end of this year.

> If I get selected, will my family also be granted a visa?

In case you are selected and get a job in Portugal your family (spouse and children) will also have the right to move. They will have to go through a separate visa application process but their acceptance is guaranteed.

For any questions you might still have, please use the email address top@landing.jobs to get in touch!

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