Portugal and Volkswagen want you!

Lisbon and Oporto are rapidly growing tech hubs. However, many companies are still worried about the risk of sponsoring visas and hiring international candidates.
Here at Landing.Jobs, we see this as an opportunity and we want to contribute further to our local tech community as well as changing more lives for the better. With the TOP (Tech Opportunities in Portugal) Program - Tech Hiring Mission Brazil, we will help non-EU tech professionals to pursue a career in Portugal, with our partner Volkswagen.

About Volkswagen

Volkswagen Digital Solutions plays a major role in the Volkswagen Group strategy of going digital, by developing software mainly for the digital ecosystems and internal corporate processes.

Its projects vary from products for commercial vehicles, to software development for the end-user and to application support. Volkswagen Digital Solutions has chosen Lisbon as its new home and know that they have made the best decision.

With already several amazing and talented people working in their projects, their focus is to keep growing and searching for brilliant individuals just like you to become part of their team.

So how does it work?

1. Apply

Apply now. Choose one of the categories where you best fit as a top tech talent, and give us some more info about you and why you want to work and live in Portugal.

2. Assessment

After you submit your application, we’ll screen your background and application form. The next step is a video answering some few questions. In the last phase, you will have a skill-assessment test and a technical test.

3. Selection

Congrats! You are in our last selection fase! You will have a Tech/Cultural and/or Final Interview with Volkswagen.

4. Final Event

The best candidates will receive a job proposal from Volkswagen and begin the visa process. Next, we will fly to Portugal and take your tech career to a new destination!

Job Roles

Software Developer

• Good English skills, both written and spoken

• Bachelor's degree in IT and/or comparable job expertise (min. 3 years)

• At least 3 years of experience - we are looking for people who are not only experienced in a specific tech stack (e.g. Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, Scala, Go, Rust, Elixir)

Salesforce Developer

• Good English skills, both written and spoken

• Bachelor’s degree required - Computer Science, MIS or equivalent

• Experience on Salesforce platforms

• Experience and expertise in core web technologies including HTML5, Javascript, Aura Framework and jQuery

• Software engineering skills with Force.com Platform (Apex, , Aura, VisualForce, SOQL, Unit Testing) - Force.com Certified Developer Certification desired

AWS Site Reliability Engineer

• Good English skills, both written and spoken
• Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Information Science / Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field

• Minimum 5 years’ experience in either technical support or software development

• Hands on AWS experience with production workloads, AWS products and services
AWS Cloud Practitioner certification

Tips to make sure you have a great application:

• Have an updated CV in English on your Landing.Jobs profile
• Make sure your profile is up to date and has all the relevant information about you
• Don’t forget to include a short motivation letter

About Landing.Jobs

Landing.Jobs is a tech jobs marketplace dedicated to matchmaking tech professionals with the right jobs all around Europe. With our headquarters in Portugal and operating also in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, we believe that individuals must have ownership of their professional careers.

Landing.Jobs has helped to change the lives of 1500+ people from all over the world and we don't plan to stop anytime soon. Will you be next?

Frequently Asked Questions

> What is the TOP Program - Tech Hiring Mission in Brazil?

The TOP Program - Tech Hiring Mission in Brazil, is an initiative created by Landing.jobs (in partnership with VW) to allow Brazilian tech professionals to pursue a career in Portugal.

With the growth of the tech scene in Portugal, both from local and international companies, the demand for qualified professionals is hitting record values and the amount of interesting projects is also skyrocketing. At the same time, with Portugal being a smaller country, the local workforce isn’t enough to fulfil all of the market needs. Aware of this demand, the Portuguese government has been working to create simpler ways to allow entry of non-EU professionals into the Portuguese job market. However, despite the process becoming easier, Portuguese companies are still skeptical about hiring abroad out of fear regarding the duration of the process and the skill level of the candidates. We see this as an opportunity. With our experience of more than 4 years in the Portuguese market, Landing.jobs has decided to take action with creating the TOP Program. In an effort to give back to our local tech community as well as changing more lives for the better.

> How do I apply?

To register for the TOP Program - Tech Hiring Mission in Brazil you need to apply through the official website in one of the three available job categories.

> Can I apply to multiple categories?

You can.

> Do I need to pay to join the TOP Program?

No. The application and skill assessment is free and open to anyone interested.

> Are there any other costs involved?

If you are selected and if you accept the offer, you will be responsible for your travel and relocation expenses.

> How are candidates going to be selected?

The TOP Program will flow like a recruitment process. After each stage, the candidates with the best test and interview results will be selected to move forward to the next phase.

> What’s the final goal of the TOP Program?

In the end of the TOP program the best candidates will receive a formal job offer from Volkswagen, guarantee of a working visa, and full support from our team in the process.

> How long after knowing the results of the TOP Program should I relocate to Portugal?

The exact time frame for the entire process will depend on your availability and duration of the visa processes for each individual.

> If I get selected, will my family also be granted a visa?

In case you are selected and get a job in Portugal your family (spouse and children) will also have the right to move. They will have to go through a separate visa application process but their acceptance is guaranteed.

For any questions you might still have, please use the email address
top@landing.jobs to get in touch!

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